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A Unity Ceremony is a fantastic way to make your wedding ceremony unique, personal, and memorable for you and your guests.


It is an added element to your wedding ceremony that visually and physically symbolizes a couple's love for each other and their marriage union. 


There are no rules when it comes to a Unity Ceremony.  Here are a couple of examples of Unity Ceremonies that I have created in the past, but please, don't feel limited.  I am happy to take anything that really makes you tick as a couple and craft it into a ceremony addition that fits your relationship.


Handfasting is the ancient Celtic tradition of Tying the Knot.  Cords are wrapped around the couple's hands to symbolize their wish to never be parted from each other.  

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Marie Photography

Siobhan & Kevin


This is a great ceremony for Brewery Weddings and/or couples who simply love craft beer.  It includes the blending of two separate beers to make a unique brew and then taking a celebratory sip to your union.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Boisvert of Wildside Photography

Tree Planting

This is a terrific Unity Ceremony for couple's who own a home.  A tree  is symbolically planted by adding soil to an already potted plant (no mess required!).  The soil is typically from places that have meaning to the couple and when the tree is planted, it symbolizes the putting down of roots at the family home.  One of my favorite options! 

Photo Courtesy of Wilton Brothers Photography


A Sand Unity Ceremony is the merging of grains of sand that symbolize merging of two unique and special individuals.  As the sand is combined into a common vessel, they can never be completely separated again.  This can also be turned into a family ceremony, and is a great way to include children! 

Photo Courtesy of TC Photography by Tricia Frazier


The Unity Candle ceremony symbolizes the joining of two great lives to form one strong fire of love and light. The couple will take an individual taper and light on solid taper in the middle. This is one way to include family members in your ceremony, as loved ones can be invited to light the individual tapers for the couple. 

Photo Courtesy Of A Thousand Words Photography

Samantha & Joe Candle Unity Ceremony with Moms


Similar to the beer unity ceremony, a Wine ceremony is great for Vineyard Weddings and/or couples that love wine.  Couple can choose wine that they love to create their own unique blend, or a red and a white, symbolizing the bitter and the sweet of life.  

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Nolfte

Kait and Cole 3 - Mel Tata Photography.jpg

Love Letter Box

A Love Letter Box is a perfect way to create a wedding "time capsule" for your future selves.  Couples can seal love letters to each other, along with wine or other mementos in a box to be opened on a special anniversary.

Photo Courtesy of Mel Tata Photography

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