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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I book my wedding officiant?

As soon as you know your date and venue!  As a wedding officiant with a somewhat unique take on a modern wedding ceremony, my calendar tends to fill up quickly.  Please contact me for a consultation whenever you feel ready.  In order to officially book your date and time on my calendar, I require a signed contract (by the couple and myself) and a 50% retainer.

Do you take on last minute ceremonies?

Yes, as long as you have a valid New Hampshire marriage license, I am happy to officiate a ceremony for you at your earliest convenience.  I perform simple license signings at my home in Derry and can perform ceremonies in NH with a few hours’ notice. 

How do I obtain a marriage license in NH?

Obtaining a marriage license in New Hampshire is fairly easy.  Couples may obtain a marriage license from any town in the state, and it is valid for 90 days.  Please see the link below to learn exactly what you need.

Can I file my own marriage license once the wedding ceremony is complete?

No.  By law enforced by the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office, it is required that a Justice of the Peace files each marriage license that she signs, with the appropriate town, within 6 days of the ceremony.  I complete each marriage license and return it to the town by mail or in person (if the ceremony is local) by the next business day.

Do you have different ceremonies templates for me to choose from?

Short answer: no.  I have a foundation script that I work from which is a truly romantic and universal representation of love, partnership and marriage.  That being said,  just as every couple is different, each of my ceremonies is different too.  Even in my Classic Ceremony, which is technically noncustomized, I tailor the script to you with appropriate readings and vows.  My  Love Story ceremony is much more of a collaborative process with the couple and each one ends up being a true reflection of their relationship.

What do you mean…a collaborative process?

When you choose my Love Story ceremony, I will send you a questionnaire for both partners to fill out.  I ask that each partner fill out their questionnaire on their own, and with as much detail and honesty as you can muster, in order to get the most out of your ceremony customization.  Once I get both sets of answers back, I start to craft your ceremony, and sometimes ask additional questions along the way to get the details just right. 

Do you officiate for LBTGQ couples?

Ab-so-lutely!  Love is Love is Love is Love is Love.  I am honored to officiate for any couple who loves and respects each other and is dedicated to the commitment that they are making to each other on the day of their wedding…Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or age.

What will you wear for our wedding?

My go to color is black.  I ask couple’s their wedding colors, so if I wear a suit I can coordinate accordingly.  I always dress in a manner that is neat, professional, and appropriate for the formality of your wedding ceremony.  Please see my photo gallery for examples of how I look while officiating. 

Will you travel to our wedding?

My current travel radius is about an hour outside of Derry, NH.  In special circumstances, I may consider a wedding ceremony that is farther away if overnight accommodations are provided.  At this time, I am only legally licensed to officiate marriages in New Hampshire. 

How do I change my name after getting married?

Please click the link below for some helpful information from the City of Lebanon, NH.

From the NH DMV:

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